Learning to Let Go Workshops

Are you interested in learning more about the delicate art of letting go? Please consider joining me for an evening (or two or four) of relaxing and releasing the tension and holdings in your body. These workshops are interactive and kinesthetic. You’ll breathe, meditate, listen to music, contract and relax your muscles, stretch, learn ways to stop muscle guarding, and let go of the anxiety or worry that may be contributing to your daily stress. I hope to see you in a few weeks!

“Learning to Let Go” Workshop Series

Where: Rising Bird Healing Arts
When: Tuesday nights: March 24 &31; April 7 & 14, 2009; 7pm- 8:30pm
To Sign Up: Email cputnam@rising-bird.com
Cost: $15 per workshop (pay at each workshop)

Once a week for a month, we will learn the delicate art of letting go. On a daily basis we hold our muscles tightly, often without even noticing. We experience stress our muscles contract, and we don’t notice our shoulders are up to our ears. Muscle holding or guarding is one of the major contributors of aches and pains we experience in our bodies. That kind of holding, accompanied by short, shallow breathing can cause us to feel tight and depleted.

Part of the letting go process also involves releasing stress and any thoughts or emotions that contribute to our holding patterns. When we learn to recognize the triggers that contribute to our stress, we are able to adjust our bodies, breathe deeply, and avoid guarding ourselves against impending fear or worry.

In this workshop, we will engage in relaxation exercises, such as progressive muscle relaxation, breathing techniques, guided visualization, and others. In addition to tuning into our own body’s holdings, we will also learn to identify the holdings in each other. I will be participating and learning along with you in this process. Come prepared to relax, play, and let go with an open mind.

Please bring: A blanket or yoga mat and a pillow. Wear comfortable clothing for relaxing and moving.

Note: This series does build from one session to the next, but you are welcome to attend as many or as few that fit your schedule. Whether you attend just one or all four sessions, please do sign up with me prior to each workshop so I can plan my space accordingly. And feel free to bring a friend!


About Courtney Putnam

I first came to healing work through art and writing. Creating collage art and poetry in particular allowed me to deeply understand the benefit of self-expression in the healing process. But, I also began to see the benefit of bodywork (manual work in the form of massage and energywork in the form of Reiki) as keys to unlocking the emotional stresses we hold in our bodies. I became a Reiki practitioner in 2002, received an MFA in Creative Writing in 2003, received my massage license in the spring of 2006, and became a Reiki Master in 2010. In my practice I bring together these three areas -- the body, the mind, and the spirit (or energy body) -- so others may experience profound and positive change in their lives.
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