Comfort Collage

I had a hard day yesterday. Not the worst day (and certainly not compared to the suffering of others with monumental stuff going on), but one that left me yearning for comfort.

Short story:

  • chest pain
  • doctor ordered tests
  • took EKG
  • had blood taken
  • had an echocardiogram (the test itself made me more stressed out)
  • worried a lot
  • felt like someone was stepping on my chest
  • knew that anxiety wasn’t helping (and maybe even contributing to the pain)

The upshot:

  • Today learned that my heart is “perfect” (the exact word used by my MD — thank you for totally getting me, Dr. Sue Paik!)
  • I had been having a very uncomfortable mixture of heartburn (most likely from a certain medication that I am now no longer taking) + anxiety.
  • I am healthy, strong, a-okay. (I’ve got to rinse and repeat that statement a few times more I think!)

Ever had a day like I had yesterday? Insert your own version of physical/emotional/psychological discomfort, compounded by worry about the discomfort. I call it the “double-whammy” of despair.

Instead of replaying or unpacking my day yesterday in intricate detail (oh, it’s so hard not to do!), I’ve decided to make a Comfort Collage instead. Have you ever made one for yourself? I highly recommend it.

Here’s what  you do: Either take photos of things you find comforting and use a software program (I used or cut and paste images that soothe your soul and create a visual salve for what you’ve been through.

And no need to judge or rank what you’re going through. We ALL need comfort, even for the small things in life that make us feel uncertain, slippery, or unglued. Big, small, or somewhere in between — it does not matter. Hey, make a Comfort Collage even when you’re feeling content!

Here is my Comfort Collage. Most of these pictures are objects from little altars in my house.

Comfort CollageHow do you feel when you see the things that give you a sense of calm, respite, and even delight? Feel how your body settles into itself, almost like you are re-inhabiting it again. Take a breath. Let go of what was. Enter the world of what is okay right in this very moment.

in peace and comfort,


About Courtney Putnam

I first came to healing work through art and writing. Creating collage art and poetry in particular allowed me to deeply understand the benefit of self-expression in the healing process. But, I also began to see the benefit of bodywork (manual work in the form of massage and energywork in the form of Reiki) as keys to unlocking the emotional stresses we hold in our bodies. I became a Reiki practitioner in 2002, received an MFA in Creative Writing in 2003, received my massage license in the spring of 2006, and became a Reiki Master in 2010. In my practice I bring together these three areas -- the body, the mind, and the spirit (or energy body) -- so others may experience profound and positive change in their lives.
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